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Grillin' Tips

Looking for ways to make your grillin' more interesting? Well, here are some of the grillin' tips passed on by some of Flynn's friends and fans:

  • Add extra flavor to whatever you grill . . .
    - If you have a gas grill with briquettes, or a charcoal grill then you can thick-slice raw onions and place directly on the coals just before you place whatever you want to grill on the grilling surface.

  • Another means of indirect heat . . .
    - When grilling fish, create a bed or layer of fresh lemon slices (about a 1/4 inch thick slices) right on the grilling surface. Then place your fish right on top of the lemon slices. This will prevent the fish from getting too crispy or burnt on the bottom as well as add a mild lemon flavor to your fish.

Sometimes you just can't wait!