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Over the course of several years we have developed what we think are some of the best sauce flavors anywhere. All who try our sauces love them and we think you will, too! Uses include salad dressings, bread dips, marinades, sautés, stir-frying, grilling, basting, scampi sauce, cocktail sauce, ice cream topping... let your imagination run wild. There's no wrong way to use our gourmet sauces.

Honorary CEO
Founding Member of Flynn's Foods
Dec 15, 1989 - Mar 30, 2004

Va. Tech, NC State and Penn State are our process authorities. These three entities are vital to a food processor’s safe and sanitary foods handling. Additionally, during various times, we are inspected by the Va. Dept. of Agriculture and the Virginia Health Department. VDACS and VHD are both quite insistent upon product safety, product sanitation, quality and presentation. They are also very helpful to all small businesses in Virginia that purvey foods and food products. Additionally, we are part of "Virginia's Finest" group of food products. These are products produced in Virginia that have passed a board of quality inspectors from the Virginia Dept. of Agriculture (VDACS).

You can find our sauce at Ellwood Thompson's in Richmond, Va. We love Elwood’s!! Of course you can order online right here or purchase at the various farmers markets and festivals we attend. We will be returning to the Amherst County, Va. wine and garlic festival in the second weekend of October each year. At this festival we are featuring all our sauces (and then some). At the garlic festival we always have our FAMOUS GARLIC FRENCH FRIES. We also have our Mama Rose's Garlic Turkey Burgers. See you at the Garlic Fest!!

Flynn's Food Warehouse

Here’s where all the little Garlic Gnomes worked all night long every night making your favorite sauces trying to outpace the oompa-loompas and the elves!!! Don’t worry … they retired ...