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About our sauce

After several years of experimenting with different sauce combinations and applications, we have finally developed what we think are some of the best garlic, hot sauce and BBQ flavors anywhere. Shux … we even have a hot sauce that’s made exclusively for HOT DOGS!! All who try our sauces love it. Our gourmet garlic sauce has been used for salad dressing, bread dip, marinade, sauté and stir frying. My favorite way is of course the meatloaf.

Many uses including:
bread dip, pasta toss, shrimp cocktail sauce
seafood sauce, bisque and chowders (lactose free), seafood scampi (also lactose free)
BBQ baste for chicken and ribs or pork loins, or seafood grilling or flavor hamburgers
salad dressing and additives to meat salad bases
stir fry
marinade or pasta toss
Image of Flynn's Gourmat Garlic Sauce

Our BBQ sauce was the state champion at a local state fair competition for three years in a row. No smoke and it’s not too sweet; not to spicy; not too vinegary; not too thin. It’s just right! Use our products in your favorite meat loaf recipe (addictive) … add it to your favorite spaghetti sauce...INCREDIBLE! Dip any kind of your favorite bread. Use it straight out of the bottle for shrimp cocktail sauce. Cover the bottom of a cold frying pan with about 1/8" of our sauce, then place any cold fish filet upon your preparation then start a medium low simmer for about 20 minutes. Baste poultry or pork right out of the bottle. Pour it on your favorite salad. Stir-fry any meat or vegetable at a low temp. Sauté meatballs. Marinade any beef, poultry or pork overnight. Then, as always..."you can use your imagination". We’re at many of the stock car races as well selling to the massive numbers of tailgaters next to their grills!!

There's beginning to be a lot of interest in various places all over the country. Web searches have shown that 'allium sativum' (garlic's scientific name) has great potential as a natural mosquito repellant (but take care if you're out dating...it may repel some people too). With all the concern about the "West Nile Virus" and E. coli, more should be said about garlic's ability to harm certain bacteria. There's a lot on the web using 'garlic bug repellant' as a search term. Please let us know if you are interested in our garlic sauce and how we can getcha some. We're trying' as hard as we can to get folks to try our sauce. You can find (the Good Fella’s too) our sauces at Ellwood Thompson's in Richmond, Va. The Good Fella’s pasta sauces www.goodfellasfoods.com are a BIG hit at Southern Season www.southernseason.com There are already several restaurants using BABY DAMIAN’S RASPBERRY HABANERO HOT SAUCE for wings and things… and Quik-E Foods has it in all their Lynchburg delis as well http://www.quikefoods.com/